aImport is a data management tool to import, export, backup and migrate OpenCart data such as products, customers and the like. Data are imported in convenient formats so that you can use Microsoft Excel or a similar tool to edit them.

Figure 1. Export in process

Using Import/Export tool you can import items (products, customers etc) to your store, export items to a spreadsheet or edit data in a bulk (import data, modify it and then export again).
Supported files formats are: xls, xlsx, csv. When exporting to xml (xmlx) the output spreadsheet has formatting: similar rows are highlighted with color, options that limited by store (tax classes, products, store names etc) are grouped to drop-down lists to avoid typos and make it easy to input data (figure 2). With csv you won’t have such formatting but importing/exporting takes much less resource to process the same amount of data.
So it’s better to export to xml (xmlx) when you need to edit a limited set of items and export to csv when you just need to do import/export or you handling a lot of items.

Spreadsheet view
Figure 2. Spreasheet view.

Exact steps to export item(s) (figure 3, 4):
1. Select item(s).
2. Add item filters (optional).
3. Select output format (optional).
4. Select spreadsheet mode – single/multiple. Doesn’t apply to csv (optional).
5. Set rows limit for each spreadsheet (optional).
6. Start export.

Export process. Step 1, 2
Figure 3. Exporting process. Steps 1 and 2.

Export process. Steps 4 through 6
Figure 4. Exporting process. Steps 4 through 6.

Exact steps to import item(s) (figure 5, 6):
1. Select item(s).
2. Add item filters (optional).
3. Select the source file.
4. Start import.

Importing process. Steps 1, 2
Figure 5. Importing process. Steps 1 and 2

Importing process. Steps 3, 4
Figure 6. Importing process. Steps 3 and 4.

With the backup tool, you can make backup of and restore entire store data. Also, it can be used as a migration tool between OpenCart stores v2 – v3. To make a backup – just click the backup button and a new backup file will be placed in backup storage on your server. Such backup also, created before each import action and stored for a month.
In order to restore previously saved back up – select it (from the local computer or from the backup storage on your store) and click the restore button.

Backup/Restpre tool
Figire 7. Backup/Restore tool