The module has two different packages for different OpenCart versions: for OpenCart 2.0-2.2 inclusive and for OpenCart 2.3-3+ inclusive (where is package version). First of all, we need to download a package for your OpenCart version. We'll describe how to install the module on OpenCart 3, as the most commonly used at the moment of post writing. So in our case package will be The next step is to upload package using OpenCart Extension installer OpenCart Extension installer. Step 1 OpenCart Extension INstaller. Step 2 After the extension successfully installed we need to apply its modifications. To do it we go to the Modifications page and click the Refresh button Applying Stripe modifications to OpenCart system After we go to the Extension page and from drop-down select Payments OpenCart. Extension list Then we click Install button in the corresponding row of the list of installed payment methods. After the Stripe extension will be installed we click Edit button it redirects us to the Stripe module configuration page. If you don't see Stripe module in the list of installed payment methods then you've uploded package for wrong OpenCart version Installation of Stripe module for OpenCart Next we need to configure the Stripe extension. To do it we set Extension status to On and enable test mode by setting setting Test mode to On. It's recommended to test the installation before processing live payments. After all test were done switch the module to live mode by setting Test mode setting to Off. You should be aware that in order to process live payments your store should have SSL sertificate inastalled. Stripe module for OpenCart configuration. Tab Common Next we need to connect extension to Stripe account. To do it we specify API keys and account currency. Account currency should be the currency of Stripe account. This feature (currency) is avaible only for Pro version of the Extension. Also, you can connect the extension with several Stripe accounts with different currencies (Pro feature) and charge will be placed to Stripe account with corresponding currency Stripe for OpenCart configuration. API keys tab Then we need to specify conditions to the extension be shown as payment option on checkout and available payment methods. When first time configuriong the extension you may leave default filter configurations and subsiquently change some filters to fit your needs. Payment request button (Apple, Google and Microsoft pay) can be enabled at Checkout > Settings tab, Payment Request Button setting. Payment request button is available for Pro version. Stripe for OpenCart configuration. Filters tab We don't need to configure Webhook - it's configured automatically We have an option to translate or customize payment form captions at Labels tab. To do it we need to select language, modify (translate) caption and click Apply button Stripe for OpenCart cpnfiguration. Captions translation In order to enable Pay In One Click Button (Pro version) so that logged customers can place orders right from product page without the need of going through checkout process we need to enable the featire by setting Status to Yes. Also, we need to select default shipping method for all products which require shipping Stripe for OpenCart. Pay In One Click Button configuration