Email manager for OpenCart

Email Manager is a marketing module for OpenCart e-commerce solution. It consists of several parts, namely: Email management system, Newsletter management system and Autoresponder. Email management system intended to enhance and decorate emails sent by OpenCart store, since only a couple of emails sent by OpenCart have HTML formatting and the rest of emails are just plain text. In order to be successful Your store, as a minimum should stand out from the crowd. The extension will help You to do it by making emails sent from your store unique and attractive attention.

A newsletter is an important tool for e-commerce marketing. Newsletter management system will help to convey to Your customers news and events which happen in Your store and to promote products. Its advantage in comparison with online counterparts is that it tightly bound to Your store which allows personalizing an email and promoting products using all the available data in Your store. You don't have to supply additional data - all needed data will be taken from Your store automatically - it saves Your time. It saves Your money as well since You pay only once when buy the extension.

Autoresponder is a tool which allows to send automatically emails in response to some event. For example, if a customer leaves abandoned cart or an incomplete order an email can be sent with instructions as for how to finish the order or You can ask if they have a problem making the order or an email can contain a coupon with a discount to make a customer to return. Another example when a customer finishes an order, You can configure Autoresponder to send an email with a week delay to ask the customer to leave a review, with a month delay - to remind the customer to make a new purchase or without a delay to simply thank the customer for the purchase.


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